Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts
Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts

Nelson Stokes carries out a continuous programme of development, ensuring that we can offer the widest and most up-to-date 'all-makes' range of Hydraulic Brake components available to the after-market. Due to our unique ability to build low cost tooling for all types of product manufacture, (brake hoses, brake fittings, repair kits and presswork), we can produce small and large volume items within three months of drawing approval.

In partnership with our potential customers and material suppliers, we offer development support for specialist small volume vehicles manufacturers such as airport luggage carriers, forklifts and mini-buses, which require brake components to SAE J1401 and SAE J1601.

With over:

  • 5000 hose assembly references
  • 1150 different hose fittings and accessories
  • 1600 types of seals for Master and Wheel cylinders
  • A range of 1900 dust covers

The attributes of our hose/hose assemblies are continuously researched and improved as we strive to be among the best.