Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts
Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts

As an ISO 9001:2000 quality registered firm, Nelson Stokes is committed to providing quality products to customers on time and at competitive prices. The company is working towards QS 9000 registration.

All our suppliers are quality approved. Rubber compounds are tested and verified in our laboratory prior to acceptance. All raw materials are batch coded ensuring full traceability. Traceability of all production is maintained for 10 years.

Brake Hose and Brake Hose Assemblies

All assemblies conform to SAE J1401, FMVSS106 and CMVSS106. Full independent test results for compliance to these standards are available on request.

Quality testing is carried out in our fully equipped laboratory to ensure continuous compliance to the above standards and this compliments our in-processing testing.

Laboratory Tests

  1. Every batch production of hose is tested to ensure that the expansion, tensile and burst characteristics are to our high standards. Internal verification of hose assemblies to SAE J1401 is undertaken twice yearly.

  2. These tests include:

    * Water absorption
    * Whip
    * Brake fluid compatibility
    * Hot impulse
    * Volumetric expansion
    * Tensile
    * Burst

    Details of all in-house testing is retained for 10 years.

  3. Continuous performance testing is also carried out by repeated pressurisation of brake hose assemblies to 1700psi (115 bar) at a rate of 45 pulses per minute. Figures in excess of 5,000,000 pressure applications have been achieved with no sign of deterioration.

  4. In-Process Tests: Every hose assembly is pressure tested to 3600 psi and inspected prior to acceptance.

Cylinder Repair Kits

All repair kits conform to SAE J1601. Sealing components are 100% inspected and a final AQL inspection carried out prior to acceptance.