Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts
Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts

At Nelsons we continuously strive to innovate our products and services to meet the needs and desires of our customers, whilst maintaining a competitive position in the marketing place without sacrificing our Total Quality philosophy.

About our Range and Services

  1. Our range of hydraulic brake hoses (all made in our own factories) is probably the most complete and dynamic in the world.

  2. Our range and continuous extension of repair kits for wheel and master cylinders illustrates our commitment to those customers who still feel it is desirable to repair rather then replace.

  3. We maintain a range (not of our manufacture) of the other brake related products for the convenience of customers wheel and master cylinders, brake pads and shoes.

  4. To enable small communities to assemble brake hoses on request we have developed a hydraulic brake hose assembly franchise which can be established quickly and economically.

  5. Our ability to service the aftermarket is not handicapped by the need to satisfy insistent demands by OEM customers.

  6. A commitment to supplying product for classic cars is a natural result of being in the business for over 50 years.

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