Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts
Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts



Already in operation in numerous countries the Nelson assembly franchise has proved to be a profitable way to service a market requiring a wide range of hose assemblies to world standard SAE J1401 quality.

7 Good reasons to consider
becoming a franchisee
  1. The ability to give customers what they want while they wait is what distinguishes the Nelson franchisee. Who wants to wait for the next delivery from abroad?

  2. Profitability is excellent from the facility which can service both large and small customers.

  3. The basic equipment (4 machines) can assemble and test 200 hoses per 8 hour day.

  4. Hose, end fittings and accessories are supplied in bulk for local assembly.

  5. The franchise comes with a complete information package on how to assemble the majority of brake hoses in service on Japanese, European and increasingly American cars.

  6. Assistance is available for the installation of plant if required.

  7. Nelsons operate a regular technical updating and quality audit within the franchise.

Bulk hose, end fittings and accessories are supplied.

Packaging can be made available if required.



Brake Hose Assembly Franchise