Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts
Nelson Hydraulic Brake Parts

Nelsons have been manufacturing its own hose, end fittings and rubber/plastic accessories as well as being its own assembler for over 40 years.

As a consequence the width of our product range is probably as large as any other in the world. Some hose assemblies are no more than one per year and others in 10's of thousands. If that's what the customer wants then that's what the customer gets. We are very flexible.

The variety of product originated by the OEM's is almost unbelieveable, and we have to work hard to keep up to date.

It would be difficult to think of a country that we don't or haven't sold our brake hoses to but our major markets are Europe and the USA.

A brake hose is frequently a distress purchase and many a car owner has been able to have one assembled whilst he waits, to international quality and in the most unlikely country as a consequence of our assembly franchise.

Brake Hoses Are manufactured by Nelson to international SAE J1401 and FS 106 specifications.